Culinarian : Rashad Frazier

I am honoured to come across really great culinary minds. All over the world, there are photographers, stylists, creators, curators, and lovers of the craft and art. We all coexist in this vacuum of delicious knowledge, so why not acknowledge one another? Exactly, no reason not to. The best way to learn is to learn from one another.

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Culinarian : Rashad Frazier

Jersey City, New Jersey

Kitchen Vibes

  1. J - Cole || January 28th
  2. Solange || Cranes in the Sky
  3. Sampha || Indecision
  4. Outkast || Liberation
  5. Kendrick Lamar || Money Trees

    "I can't cook without music. It's like  cooking without Maldon Sea Salt."

Culinarian Rashad Frazier has never been a fan of being referred to as Chef. With half a decade under his belt and an awesome culinary lifestyle business, Pulled Together, the title still makes him a bit uncomfortable. However don't be fooled by his modesty, he knows how to handle a kitchen. A Charlotte native and Jersey City resident, Frazier is making a wave with his self-taught skills. He is talented and can hang with the best of them. 
"There is no feeling like preparing a meal for a stranger or client and seeing them blown away from something you created."
Frazier is self-taught taking direction from celebrity chefs Sean Brock, Bobby Flay and Ina Garten. Starting from the ground up without much knowledge about cooking or technique, he learned how to cook by watching Youtube and reading cookbooks. His dedication to learning the craft, paired with his self-direct studies from each celebrity chef help him define a style that he can call how own.
"Cooking for me is both therapy and passion."
 The kitchen is his creative space, his personal studio. Like many avid culinarians, it is where Frazier spends a lot of time with is his family. His studio allows him the ability to create whatever he imagines or may be in the mood for.  Beyond just cooking, it's a space where he can design and change to reflect his personality. A lover of cast iron, art and kitchen design, Frazier hopes to one day curate a dream kitchen reflecting all the things a kitchen should have.
I personally can't wait to see it.

"The kitchen is my studio. Its my creative place. It's where I spend a lot of time with my family."

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