5 rules for perfectly fluffy quinoa

quinoa; also known as keen - wah not kee-noah.

It’s alarming that in 2017 we’re still eating mushy quinoa. Why? You don’t deserve it. Your partner doesn’t deserve it. Your in-laws might deserve it but don’t tell them we said that. Tell them.

  1. Don’t soak it. Quinoa is porous so soaking it, means your quinoa will be waterlogged and when it’s time to cook it, you’ll be cooking it twice. Hustling backward.
  2. The ratio is 2 cups of water, 1 cup of quinoa. That’s it.
  3. Quinoa isn’t orzo, no need to salt the water. Remember, it’s porous so what you add to the water, it will absorb. You know what might be nice though? A few slices of lemon or a twig of rosemary. Infusions. Sexy. Season after the fact.
  4. Bring water up to a rolling boil, add the quinoa, lid on, turn off the pot, wait 15 minutes. Perfect quinoa every single time. Promise.
  5. Use a fork, not a spoon to separate your quinoa. Do you fluff a pillow with your palms or with your fingers? (Please say fingers).

There are a lot of articles on how to cook quinoa properly but if you want to have perfectly bouncy quinoa and not mashed potatoes, you’ll follow these rules. Feta, diced cucumbers, halfed cherry tomatoes, shredded kale, oil, vinegar, a likkle salt, a likkle pepper? You have a salad.


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